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In 1959, Mike Thomas bought his first hives full of bees.

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From that time until 1967 he worked his honey bees more or less as a hobby, while holding a job to provide for his ever growing family and expanding the North Florida honey business. A partnership was formed between he and two other hobby beekeepers in Jacksonville, Florida during the mid '60s, establishing the operation at just over 600 colonies of honey bees.

In '67, Mike decided to pursue his dream, moving his wife and three children to rural Lake City, Florida to take over a small apiary. Shortly thereafter he bought out the partnership, expanding the bee business to roughly 1,600 colonies of honey bees. Honey and beeswax produced from the wild vegetative growth in the forests of north Florida and the cultivated orange groves of central Florida, provided the foundation upon which he built the business. As the business grew so did the family with the addition of two more children. Kasidee Keeping Bees!

Honey production took on a new dimension in 1974, when he and the family began migrating from Lake City to central North Dakota over the summer months. The bountiful honey crops produced in North Dakota, along with Florida Honey production, has enabled Thomas Honey to offer a variety of honeys to choose from for 30 years. In the spring of 2002 Mike's grandson-in-law and granddaughter took over the North Dakota honey business and continue to run it successfully. They make their home in Turtle Lake, North Dakota, a small rural town with a heart of gold.

Florida honey production has likewise evolved over the years, with operations expanded to include Tupelo honey, produced only in the Panhandle of Florida, and several bakery grade honeys produced in South Florida. Thomas Honey bees also provide pollination for several produce growers scattered throughout Florida. 

Today most of the family remains involved in the business in some capacity, from managing the daily office chores, lending a hand with the Web site you're viewing, bottling and distributing the honey produced, or to helping out once or twice a year during the annual migration to and from North Dakota. Three generations of the Thomas Family are currently a part of producing Thomas Honey, with the fourth generation in training. Still very much active in the business, with 50+ years beekeeping experience to his credit, Mike is one of Florida's longest standing Honey Producers.

Thomas Honey truly appreciates the support we receive from family, friends, and patrons. Thomas Honey... in business for over 40 years, and going strong by expanding to new horizons and reaching out to new customers... LIKE YOU!!

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